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Celebrating International Women's Day: Meet Tatjana, Unit Coordinator at Extendicare Oakview Place

Following the footsteps of her mother and grandmother into nursing has led Tatjana to her current role helping to oversee resident care at Extendicare Oakview Place in Winnipeg, MB. However, Tatjana’s path hasn’t always been direct or easy. A native of Kazakhstan, Tatjana first earned a degree in engineering before switching gears to medicine. She worked as a Registered Nurse (RN) at a hospital in Germany, where she grew up, before relocating to Canada with her husband more than 13 years ago. She began to work at Oakview as a Licenced Practical Nurse and spent four years completing additional studies to earn her qualifications as an RN in Manitoba.

Today, Tatjana oversees a large team who provide care to approximately 100 residents on the second floor at Oakview. She enjoys making a positive difference in the lives of residents and their families. “I finally found what I liked in long-term care,” she says. “When you see staff and residents smiling and family members are happy, I find that very rewarding. You’re building relationships with them.”